Decred Realized Disputes in Blockchain Projects Were Inevitable: Joshua Buirski

It’s inevitable that disputes will arise over a cryptocurrency project’s direction, says Decred’s APAC outreach director Joshua Buirski. In this interview with Bitsonline‘s George Levy, he describes how Decred learned from the early Bitcoin development days and why it made a built-in governance mechanism a fundamental part of its code.

Bitcoin’s ideological disputes, which have resulted in contentious hard forks and at least three cryptocurrencies (so far) claiming to be the “true Bitcoin”, were easy to predict, Buirski says.

“The early Decred developers were experiencing these problems on a day-to-day basis. So it wasn’t really that they thought ‘this is a problem that might arise,’ they were experiencing it first hand very early on. They had the foresight to realize this is going to be a very serious problem in the future.”


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