Dark Web Hacker Proves Leak of Customer Data From World’s Leading Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The hacker going by “ExploitDOT” has recently confirmed he/she was selling know-your-customer (KYC) data from world leading cryptocurrency exchanges on the dark web, in an attempt to clear his name from cryptocurrency news outlets claiming the ad was fake.

Last week, CCN broke the news and revealed the hacker was attempting to sell the data on the dark web, after being contacted by an anonymous cybersecurity expert that managed to obtain three samples as proof the documents were legitimate, while posing as a buyer.

The samples, reviewed by CCN, were pictures of individuals holding up a piece of paper with the word “Binance” and the date the picture was taken at in them. In all of the samples, their faces and identity cards or drivers’ licenses were visible.

The anonymous cybersecurity expert, at the time, claimed Binance had been warned about the potential leak, and an exchange spokesperson – according to an email whose authenticity hasn’t been verified by Binance, despite CCN’s contacts – revealed they had “theories in regards to how information may have been obtained.”

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/dark-web-hacker-proves-leak-of-customer-data-from-worlds-leading-cryptocurrency-exchanges/

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