DADI ICO: Everything you need to know!

DADI has been one of the most talked about projects in the ICO space 2018. It was one of the few ICOs that reached their hard caps in no time at all.

What makes DADI an interesting case is its fair share of strengths and controversies. For eg:

However, it is still worth a detailed analysis.

Let’s dive right into the facts.


What is DADI?

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DADI stands for Decentralized Architect for A Democratic Internet. The project aims to create a decentralized web hosting platform using blockchain technology.

The platform will distribute the power of information into an open market as opposed to centralizing it.

One major threat to the project is the fierceness of competition in this space as DADI will be competing for a piece of the pie with giants such as Amazon (AWS), Microsoft, Facebook and Google web services.

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However, DADI does have a few tricks up its sleeve:

  • In theory, having a decentralized architecture allows websites to be hosted on multiple platforms instead of a single one. This should keep the websites up and running without breakdowns all year round, at least in theory!
  • Another unique selling point of DADI is its incredible cost efficiency. Owing to the decentralized nature of the platform, customers would be able to save more than 95% of what they would pay to a traditional cloud server. This is a godsend for every entrepreneur with limited funds. What of the trusts, charities and other small institutions? Where would they go for their servers?

DADI will be the blessing in disguise for all of them

DADI’s ICO was a success, with $29 million (source: InWara) being raised in a span of just 36 hours.

1. The Team Behind The Project

Management profile form InWara’s database

The project is led by CEO Joseph Denne, COO Paul Kingsley and CMO Christopher Mair having fifteen, fourteen and nineteen years of experience respectively.

Apart from these C suite executives, DADI has an 18 member team of qualified employees having approximately 300+ years of experience between them.

It is a relatively large team when compared to those of other ICO projects with similar hard caps. (source:InWara’s)

2. Fund Utilization and Tokenomics

Source: InWara’s database

According to the fund allocation analysis it is clear that a major portion of funds will be invested in Research and Development. Also, a sizable chunk of the proceeds are reserved for Marketing purposes, which is reassuring given the existing competition in the space.

Ever so often ICOs forget this and realize that they don’t have enough funds to list on a good exchange! This means that investors don’t have a place to trade and are stuck with useless tokens.

3. Soft cap, Hard cap and Funds Raised

It is important to understand the needs of a project before setting soft and hard caps.

These days, it’s a common practice among ICOs to set absurd hard caps without precisely spelling out how and where the funds are going to be used!

When the target for fund-raising is high and there exist no concrete plans of using the funds, investors often see this as a red flag.

Soft cap, hard cap details from Inwara’s database

4. Roadmap and Action Plan

Source: InWara’s ICO database

In today’s era where there are plenty of ICOs that have only a whitepaper but no prototype or working model, it is intriguing that DADI’s public interface was released 2 months prior to its ICO.

5. Involvement of the Team.

There are tons of ICOs that have convincing white papers claiming to achieve something incredible in the future which are valued over hundreds of billions in the open market and don’t even have a prototype.

DADI is 4 years old and the team behind it has invested $2 million themselves (source: InWara) which reflects the commitment and seriousness of the team in the project.

6. Listing in Exchanges.

It builds investor confidence when an ICO gets listed as soon as it finishes its pre sale and main sale phase. If ICOs take long to get listed, then there is a good chance that you could be stuck with your tokens and nobody to sell to anywhere.

DADI has listed itself in less than a month after its main sale(source: InWara) in one of the top exchanges.

Source: InWara’s database

To Sum it up…..

The team has already demonstrated their ability to develop full-stack web services products, however, the most palpable weakness appears to be the existing competition in DADI’s target market.

SWOT analysis provided by InWara’s database

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