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Litecoin Price Cracks $235 as Rally Extends Another 16 Percent

Yesterday, the Litecoin price achieved the $200 mark and raised LTC/BTC to its highest value in nearly three years. Today, Litecoin’s bullish advance continued, and LTC rose as high as $236 on Bitfinex, notching its highest mark since Jan. 15. At the time of writing, Litecoin was trading at $219 and boasted a market cap of $12.4 billion. Litecoin’s trading volume remains relatively decentralized, with no single exchange accounting for more than 16 percent of global LTC trading volume. Notably, LTC volume has surged on South Korean exchange Upbit, from about $62 million on Wednesday to $237 million today. Fellow Seoul-based exchange Bithumb experienced a comparable increase, and the two exchanges — each of which currently prices Litecoin at a five percent premium — now account for a combined 16.5 percent of LTC’s daily trading volume.


Litecoin (LTC) Usage Report

List of Companies Who Accepts Litecoin as Payment!
Many companies are accepting Litecoin, many are not. Here is a list of the biggest (and smaller) names who accepts Litecoin as a currency.

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The Litecoin community is buzzing about upcoming Litecoin hardfork

The Litecoin community is buzzing about upcoming Litecoin hardfork that will produce a new digital asset – Litecoin cash. According to the announcement on the bitcointalk forum on February 3, Litecoin developers team is preparing a fork that will take place on Sunday, February 18 (at first it was scheduled on February 19). Anyone holding Litecoin will get ten times that amount of Litecoin Cash. Litecoin fans are puzzled as they do not see any clear reason for this branching out. Unlike Bitcoin, it has never experienced issues either with transaction time or with high fees. While fork does not solve any practical problems encountered by cryptocurrency users, it will be convenient for legacy Bitcoin SHA256 mining hardware users. The team behind the fork is anonymous: no full names, no links to social media accounts are provided, which is also rather suspicious.


Litecoin Cash, the first Litecoin fork is expected in 18th February

Litecoin Cash presents itself as a faster, cheaper cryptocurrency, easier to be mined with a more simple technology than its competitors
Ripple stabilizes while awaiting new money inflows. $0.81 mark is the level to break to recover bullish strength. Litecoin Cash (LCC) has been introduced to the market after forking from Litecoin. This hard fork apparently offers some advantages that might be very attractive for the markets. Most of all, a certification speed of just 2.5 minutes instead of the usual 10 minutes. Moreover, LCC can be mined with technology that it no longer works for Bitcoins, cheaper and with less energy consumption. Litecoin holders will receive 10 LCC for each LTC they have.


Cryptocurrency Rates in Euro- 07Feb2018

Bitcoin is recovering from its lower levels seen yesterday morning, while other  crypto currencies are flat to negative. Some of them maybe losing capital to Bitcoin, because Bitcoin had fallen down to attractive rates of $7000-7500 yesterday.

Cryptocurrency Rates in Euro – 07Feb2018, 12:00 CET

Bitcoin: BTC-EUR 6216.10 €       +697.50 (12.64%)
Ethereum: ETH-BTC 619.43 €    +10.26 (1.68%)
Litecoin: LTC-BTC 99.40 €      -8.64 (-8.00%)
Iota: IOT-BTC 1.31 €       -0.05 (-3.49%)