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Coin Mining : Goa Coin

GoaCoin (GOA) – an innovative and adaptive cryptocurrency,
released at the decentralized and advanced market.
Based on Dash, this is an improved version with Masternode technology,
almost instant and secure payments, as well as anonymous transactions.
Based on the general system of Proof of Work and Masternode, it is available to everyone,
it provides a fair and stable return on investment for GPU miners and owners of Masternode.

The main task is the addition of crypto currency to real life in the state of Goa, India.
Sellers of goods and services are interested in crypto currency.
Hotels, taxis, clubs, bars and restaurants, even sellers in the flea market are ready to accept crypto currency.
The implementation of GoaCoin in the real sector of the economy of the small state will be the main task for 2018.

WEB SITE :- explorer / GOA

Title token: GoaCoin
symbol token: GOA
Algorithm: NeoScrypt
Total: 32,000,000 coin
type: PoW + MasterNodes
prefix Address: G
required for Masternode: 1000 GOA
average time block 2 minutes
Reward unit 15, annually will decrease by 12%
Distribution Awards:
Block <= 3000 – 1 GOA to Masternodes, 14 GOA to Miners
Block> 3000 – 5 GOA to Masternodes, 10 GOA to Miners
Block> 25000 – 7.5 GOA to Masternodes, 7.5 GOA to Miners
Block> 33000 – 15 GOA to Masternodes , 5 GOA to Miners
Confirmation time: ~ 5 seconds
Change in difficulty: Dark Gravity Wave
Transaction excellence: Anonymity with PrivateSend
Prein: 1.56%

http: //

https: //wallet.crypto

Our short-term plans:

Local wallets – ready
Website – under construction
Official Block Explorer – ready
Official Pool – soon
Addition to stock exchanges – in the
Bounty campaign process – soon
Android and iOS wallets – we are working on it
Web and paper wallets – we are working on it

Long-term plans:

First of all, we want the GoaCoin coin to become a real currency,
which can be used to buy goods and services first in Goa,
and better in all of India and around the world.
Our goal is to bring the coin to the point where it will be accepted easily, like cash.
Create your own trading platform for easy exchange with other coins and currencies.
Integration with payment systems.
We plan to register a company and conduct business on the territory of India legally, so this is required by law.


MAINING CALCULATOR ? 47-GoaCoin-GOA-NeoScrypt-calculator /



Goacoin (GOA)

U.K. Treasury Starts Investigation into Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

The United Kingdom seems to have taken a firm stance on the cryptocurrency sector and It doesn’t appear to be a good one. At first, it was just Prime Minister Theresa May stating that cryptocurrencies require more regulation, adding that the UK Treasury plans to set new rules in order for that to happen. That wasn’t too bad considering the UK isn’t the only country pulling for more regulation. Except then today happened. Now, it appears the UK has an even stronger opinion on cryptocurrencies. Strong enough to launch an inquiry into the industry. Earlier today, the U.K Treasury disclosed that it will be orchestrating an inquiry into various issues that surround both cryptocurrency and the technology behind it, blockchain. To no surprise, the investigation conducted by the U.K. Treasury Committee will be looking into the risks cryptocurrencies open up to consumers, as well as a number of other issues. I’m not shocked that ‘risks’ are one of the issues planning to be discussed. It’s been known for a while that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are extremely vulnerable to illegal activity, such as money laundering.


SEC Suspends Trading in Cryptocurrency-Fueled Trio of Companies

The US securities watchdog has put the kibosh on trading in three listed companies with ties to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. On Feb. 16, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced it had suspended trading in these entities — all three of which have the same CEO at the helm, Patrick Johnson — based on announcements revealing the way they did business and valued cryptocurrency and blockchain assets. Cherubim Interests (CHIT), telecom company PDX Partners (PDXP) and holding company Victura Construction Group (VICT) each had announced the acquisition of AAA-rated assets with convertible preferred stock from NVC Fund, a division of a cryptocurrency and blockchain-driven private equity investor. Meanwhile, CHIT, a construction and real estate development company, also revealed its plans for an upcoming ICO in which it planned to issue the SJT coin “for financial and societal gain,” all of which made its way onto the radar of the SEC. The companies are considered penny stocks and trade in the OTC market. The SEC used the opportunity to repeat its warning to investors about listed companies jumping on the coattails of cryptocurrencies and blockchain to drive their shares higher.


User Interfaces will Bridge Educational Gap

Blockchain technology is growing really fast with a lot of innovation happening within the industry. There is a massive influx of products and projects that promise various solutions to regular day to day activities. As with every new technology, numerous ideas with diverse intentions are bound to flood the ecosystem, but the line between sustenance and extinction lies at the point of real use case application. As the industry grows, it is expected to mature into the era of implementation. In order for this to happen, there must be means by which the communication gap between non-crypto users and the ecosystem will be bridged. For instance, the whole concept of Bitcoin transaction is still a mystery to a lot of people who do not understand how a long series of codes can represent key components of value transfer. Same goes to non-tech people who do not understand how data can be stored on a system that is maintained by nodes that are connected across the globe.


Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase Launches SegWit Compatability

Coinbase have announced that the site will now be implementing SegWit on Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. The transition is being implemented over the coming week, and should improve transaction speeds and lower fees. SegWit was introduced August of last year through BIP 141 (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal), however Coinbase was slow to adopt the technology. The lack of implementation of the technology was increasingly frustrating for Coinbase users, who launched a petition calling for the exchange platform to prioritize SegWit implementation over other upgrades. The petition noted that the Bitcoin community is “overwhelmingly in support” of SegWit, and was signed over twelve-thousand times. Segregated Witness or SegWit was a major improvement to the Bitcoin protocol. By redefining the structure of blocks, (with one block changing from 1MB to become four million units) it became possible to greatly reduce the space taken on the blockchain by transaction and witness data. The change allowed more transactions to be stored in each block, making the blockchain more efficient and cheaper to use. Coinbase is not alone in recently adopting the technology. Last week the Bitcoin Core wallet upgraded to allow SegWit Transactions, which was followed by an announcement from Bitfinex that they too were now utilizing SegWit on Bitcoin transactions.