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Reevaluation: which cryptocurrencies are worth investing in 2018?

The last year is called a year of cryptocurrencies. Overall, in 12 months the total capitalization of virtual currencies has grown by more than 3300% from $18 billion to $613 billion. Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency market was burning with fever at the beginning of 2018, the result it showed in 2017 is considered the best in the whole history of the restricted assets class. Continue reading Reevaluation: which cryptocurrencies are worth investing in 2018?

Moises Cohen: Israel has the biggest ecosystem of fintech startups worldwide

The arrival of fintech startups in the financial market has become a potential threat for banks. Young technological companies offer customers more mobile and user-friendly services. They simplify the processes of personal financial management, taking loans, making P2P payments, or transfers. Continue reading Moises Cohen: Israel has the biggest ecosystem of fintech startups worldwide

The London CryptoCurrency Show 2018

Investor Conferences’ first cryptocurrency event for the private investor

Saturday, 14th April 2018; Novotel London West

The world of money and finance is experiencing one of the most radical transformations of the last 100 years, with digital assets paving the way for a plethora of alternative payment systems, as well as a burgeoning ecosystem of networks and channels that herald the coming of a cashless, decentralised economy.
With such a dramatic upheaval of the financial status quo, traditional investors – and everyday consumers – face some interesting and, at times, overwhelming choices. Over 1000 different cryptocurrency coins have been issued over the past decade, with more and more tokens going on the market every single day. Trading, it seems, has acquired a sci-fi edge.
The London CryptoCurrency Show aims to de-mystify the world of digital assets through a curated exhibition of industry insiders, coin issuers, and exchanges, backed up by a cross-section of traditional investors and market specialists. By bridging the gap between the fiat world and the cryptocurrency realm, our speakers and panellists will guide delegates through everything from mining coins to spotting dodgy ICOs and planning their trading & investment strategies accordingly.

“Bitstocks is proud to be the headline sponsors for the launch of The London CryptoCurrency Show. Considering we were the City of London’s first cryptocurrency advisory firm, we think it is only fitting that we use this opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise in this often misunderstood and widely untapped market. People are definitely more aware of cryptocurrency than when we began in 2014, and the creation of The London CryptoCurrency Show is proof that the movement to financial sovereignty is gaining broader interest and more mainstream acceptance.” – Michael Hudson, Founder and CEO of Bitstocks, a cryptocurrency market advisory and investment firm, located in the heart of London.

Iconiq Lab said, “The London CryptoCurrency Show does an amazing job of bringing together a plethora of blockchain and crypto ventures. The Iconiq Lab team and startups are really looking forward to partake in this experience and contribute further to it. We look forward to meeting you on Stand No A3.”
The London CryptoCurrency Show is offering delegates a choice of over 6 panel sessions, cryptoinvestment workshops, a wide range of free seminars, debates, and interviews throughout the day, as well as a CryptoCafe catering area, an interactive showcase theatre, and dedicated ICO Central.
Sponsored by Bitstocks – a London-based cryptocurrency advisory firm – the London CryptoCurrency Show is designed to educate current and prospective investors about the technology and rationale behind blockchain systems, cryptocurrency trading, and digital asset exchanges. Perfect for those seeking to modernise their portfolio and diversify their holdings, the show promises to be an eyeopening experience for anyone looking to get ahead of the pack.

“With so much interest around cryptocurrency, the implications for investors could be farreaching. As organisers of the existing London Investor Show, we wanted to create an event specifically with the aim of educating and informing existing traders and investors about cryptocurrency. Bringing together some new, and many trusted speakers to try and cut through a lot of the hype around cryptocurrency, and really explore the future and the implications for serious investors”. Lisa Campbell, Managing Director, Investor Conferences (UK) Ltd, Organisers of the London CryptoCurrency Show.

Note to Editors:
The London CryptoCurrency Show is for educational purposes only and neither the show nor any communications or correspondence relating to the conference produced by or on behalf of the
London CryptoCurrency Show sponsored by Bitstocks will constitute financial promotion or invitations or inducements to invest in any particular securities or investment activities.
• Tickets to the London CryptoCurrency Show cost £25 on the door.
• Payment accepted in cryptocurrency, and fiat
Your readers can claim a half-price ticket, saving them £12.50, by using voucher code LCCS18PRESS and registering online at There is a dedicated Delegate Registration Hotline to book by phone, on 0131 208 0825.
All delegates receive:
• Delegate Welcome Pack containing free samples and special offers.
• Your personal copy of the London CryptoCurrency Show Event Guide, containing full exhibitor and speaker listings, information and articles on cryptocurrency
• VIP access-all-areas pass to include all free seminars, the exhibition hall, Showcase Theatre, Conference Room 1 and ICO Central (Rooms 1 and 2).
Panel Sessions taking place in the Main Auditorium cost an additional £8 per seat and should be booked in advance. Any remaining tickets can be purchase at the Registration Desk on the morning of the show.

More information on the London CryptoCurrency Show can be found at To see full Investment Workshop details, Speaker profiles and Exhibitor Listings, the programme of free seminars and the Lunchtime Summit panel information please visit the website.

For further information, please contact:
Anna Downey, Public Relations Manager
Telephone: 07515 734 552

Press Release: BlockDelhi Conference – Embracing Blockchain into India’s Business

New Delhi: On February 21st, more than 250 global participants gathered in Le Meridien Hotel for BlockDelhi – the first
international blockchain conference in India’s capital.

Featured speakers included political leader Sir Shri Ajay Singh, who delivered government keynote on the future of blockchain in India as well as professionals from local and international businesses discussing various opportunities and challenges associated with the technology.

Yale ReiSoleil, CEO of IOB Fund LLC spoke about investments in blockchain and how the emerging technologies are changing the future of finance. “We believe in balance of innovation and regulation” – said Mr. ReiSoleil. IOB is bringing together an international regulated exchange network by investing in regulated, licensed, and legal entities.

Companies in the blockchain space are currently facing challenges of integrating accounting and legal aspects of business such as compliance and taxation into the platform. Mr. Reisoleil emphasized that being able to provide substantial technological solutions to these challenges is one of the major factors to consider when looking at investment options.

IOB has abolished the annual management fee and is confident that commission-based transactions should be eliminated. The CEO
highlighted that the term “blockchain” might become obsolete as there is a necessity to implement a multidimensional transactional structure or “mesh”.


and for more information.

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