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Kraken Delisting ICONOMI (ICN)

ICONOMI, the company behind the ICN token, is moving to a more traditional legal structure that will eliminate ICN in favor of tokenized company shares that will be called “eICN.” As part of this transition, all ICN holders must convert their ICN to either eICN or ETH by December 31 2018. Since Kraken will not be participating in the conversion process they will delist ICN. Continue reading Kraken Delisting ICONOMI (ICN)

Eden Labs: Polkadot


Polkadot is a protocol that enables independent blockchains to exchange information. The defined purposes behind the project are:

  • To enable applications and smart contracts on one blockchain to transact with data and assets on other chains;
  • To run several parachains, each processing multiple transactions in parallel, allowing networks to enjoy infinite scalability;
  • To benefit from shared security, where individual chains leverage collective security without having to start from scratch to gain traction and trust.

Continue reading Eden Labs: Polkadot


The cryptocurrency industry is developing at a fast pace, with new and exciting ventures emerging every day. While some of these ventures have brought the people behind them into the spotlight, several of them are created by well-known people in the industry. When Bitcoin was first created, it didn’t gain immediate popularity and only a handful of people understood its true value. This meant that such people had a headstart on Bitcoin investments which were cheap at the time. Continue reading THE WINKLEVOSS TWINS’ PROJECT GEMINI

South Africa’s Central Bank Wins Award for its Ethereum Payments Blockchain

Central Banking, a global central banking forum, has bestowed its FinTech & RegTech Award for Best Distributed Ledger Initiative to South Africa’s central bank for its successful Project Khokha, which successfully used an Ethereum blockchain platform to process interbank payments and settlements. Continue reading South Africa’s Central Bank Wins Award for its Ethereum Payments Blockchain

Asset Management Network RigoBlock Announces Ethfinex Partnership

July 25, 2018, Lugano, Switzerland – RigoBlock, a decentralised asset management network based in Switzerland, has announced its collaboration with Ethfinex, a subsidiary of iFinex inc. (Bitfinex), for the integration of the RigoBlock asset management platform. The partnership has been revealed ahead of the planned release of the RigoBlock network later this year. Continue reading Asset Management Network RigoBlock Announces Ethfinex Partnership