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“Free Money Guy” Matthew Lesko Says Crypto Are Gamble, Scam

Matthew Lesko, the US author who made himself a name in the 90s writing books on how to get “free money” from the United States government, claimed that cryptocurrencies are a scam and Bitcoin is a “gamble,” talking to CNET in an interview on Feb. 20. Lesko, who runs his own website, YouTube channel and various podcasts, all dedicated to to the topic of obtaining federal grants from the US government, says that “many people are interested” in Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Lesko recommended these people to “stay away” from digital currencies unless they “have money to lose.” Lesko argues that cryptocurrencies are actually a “scam”, since they are not backed by anything and are not regulated, unlike the US dollar. He believes that “if there’s no regulation, you get screwed.” In 2004 the New York State Consumer Protection Board criticized Lesko’s commercials and books, stating that many of his readers did not get the “free money” he promised. According to Lesko himself, Blockchain experts today implement the same “exaggerations” he used in his 90s “free-money” infomercials.


Coin Mining : Zclassic

Zclassic is a fork of Zcash 1.0.1 with minimal changes except for 2 major things.

1. 20% Founders Reward is removed.
2. Slow start is removed (blocks start at 12.5 ZCL rewards per block).


PoW: Equihash
Halving rate: Every 4 years (same as Zcash and bitcoin).
Starting Block Reward: 12.5 coins every 2.5 minutes (Same as Zcash.  50 coins per 10 minutes, like Bitcoin).
Total eventual supply: 21,000,000 (21 million), as per Bitcoin (Unchanged from Zcash)
Difficulty adjustment algorithm: Digishield V3 (Unchanged from Zcash)
Difficulty adjusts each block (Unchanged from Zcash)
Symbol: ZCL (pronounced “ZICKLE” like “NICKEL”)

Trusted Parameters
Zcash (and Zclassic) relies on trust that a private key was destroyed.  If anyone poseses the private key, that person can mint unlimited coins for himself/herself.  Zcash designed a ceremony where 6 individuals each created a shard of a private key and destroyed it.  As long as all 6 individuals did not conspire and collude to share their shards, the private key is destroyed.  Here are mre details about the ceremony.

Zclassic uses the exact same trusted parameters Zcash uses.  This is also what Peter Todd suggests:

Block explorer:




Source Code:


Slack Invite (over 300 members):

Freenode IRC:



Twitter Social Proof:


[Pre Ann]

Windows Wallet
IOS / Android Wallet

Note from developer:
I started this work on my own, writing Medium articles and reaching out to people on Twitter because I believe the ZK-SNARK technology in Zcash is the future of money, but I couldn’t stomach the idea of it being taxed 20% by a small group of people.

To be honest, I never made an altcoin before.  I spent a week on my own obsessing over the Zcash code to see what could be done.  Soon after the Zcash launch, I submitted a pull-request to remove the Founder’s Reward, which was quickly closed:

When I found out SuprnovaPools had 51%+ mining power of Zcash, I reached out to them to use my fork:

After failing at those two approaches, on Halloween, I announced, “I’m forking Zcash with no 20% Founders Reward.  Ping me to help.  There won’t be any reward for helping.”

I offer my sincere apology to the community for people who feel they may have missed the announcement because there wasn’t enough advance notice.  I was reaching out to people, but I did not have the large exposure of a foundation with investors.

Now that the coin is live, most of what you see above is work done by the community.  This coin is almost 4 days old, and I’m amazed at what we’ve done so far.

Coin Mining : Goa Coin

GoaCoin (GOA) – an innovative and adaptive cryptocurrency,
released at the decentralized and advanced market.
Based on Dash, this is an improved version with Masternode technology,
almost instant and secure payments, as well as anonymous transactions.
Based on the general system of Proof of Work and Masternode, it is available to everyone,
it provides a fair and stable return on investment for GPU miners and owners of Masternode.

The main task is the addition of crypto currency to real life in the state of Goa, India.
Sellers of goods and services are interested in crypto currency.
Hotels, taxis, clubs, bars and restaurants, even sellers in the flea market are ready to accept crypto currency.
The implementation of GoaCoin in the real sector of the economy of the small state will be the main task for 2018.

WEB SITE :- explorer / GOA

Title token: GoaCoin
symbol token: GOA
Algorithm: NeoScrypt
Total: 32,000,000 coin
type: PoW + MasterNodes
prefix Address: G
required for Masternode: 1000 GOA
average time block 2 minutes
Reward unit 15, annually will decrease by 12%
Distribution Awards:
Block <= 3000 – 1 GOA to Masternodes, 14 GOA to Miners
Block> 3000 – 5 GOA to Masternodes, 10 GOA to Miners
Block> 25000 – 7.5 GOA to Masternodes, 7.5 GOA to Miners
Block> 33000 – 15 GOA to Masternodes , 5 GOA to Miners
Confirmation time: ~ 5 seconds
Change in difficulty: Dark Gravity Wave
Transaction excellence: Anonymity with PrivateSend
Prein: 1.56%

http: //

https: //wallet.crypto

Our short-term plans:

Local wallets – ready
Website – under construction
Official Block Explorer – ready
Official Pool – soon
Addition to stock exchanges – in the
Bounty campaign process – soon
Android and iOS wallets – we are working on it
Web and paper wallets – we are working on it

Long-term plans:

First of all, we want the GoaCoin coin to become a real currency,
which can be used to buy goods and services first in Goa,
and better in all of India and around the world.
Our goal is to bring the coin to the point where it will be accepted easily, like cash.
Create your own trading platform for easy exchange with other coins and currencies.
Integration with payment systems.
We plan to register a company and conduct business on the territory of India legally, so this is required by law.


MAINING CALCULATOR ? 47-GoaCoin-GOA-NeoScrypt-calculator /



Goacoin (GOA)

Elon Musk Reveals Personal Crypto Holdings

Elon Musk has revealed his personal cryptocurrency holdings. The billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla told Twitter followers that he in fact has never purchased cryptocurrency, and only holds a small amount of Bitcoin gifted by a friend. The tweet was made in response to scam posts on Twitter claiming to be Mr Musk requesting Ethereum. It’s an issue that has plagued the Twitter network, with scammers impersonating blockchain figures such as Vitalik Buterin in attempts to steal users cryptocurrency. Twitter users are warned to never send cryptocurrency to anyone claiming to be hsoting a giveaway or event. Whilst the businessman may not own cryptocurrency, it was reported in 2016 that he was not against the technology. When appointed to Trump’s team of advisers he declared that Bitcoin was in fact a “good thing”, although he did not elaborate in great detail. Elon Musk’s lack of involvement with cryptocurrency is interesting, as decentralized technology firmly aligns with his professed aspirations for a better human society. Whether his involvement will change as blockchain technology develops remains to be seen.


India’s NASSCOM Partners With Blockchain Institute

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, it seems that people either love cryptocurrency and blockchain or they hate it. There’s no in-between. There’s no Switzerland. It’s an all or nothing sort of deal. Earlier today, the U.K. Treasury Committee launched an inquiry into cryptocurrency and blockchain, stating that it will be looking into the risks and dangers open to consumers who use cryptocurrencies. Also announced today is that one of India’s most prominent tech industry organizations has partnered with the BRI, Blockchain Resource Institute. Why? To create a blockchain institute which will develop skill sets for blockchain adoption and usage in India. Pretty different compared to the U.K’s announcement, right? One country dislikes cryptocurrency and blockchain, the other loves it. Enough, at least, to partner with the BRI in order to help create a digital economy in India.