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User Interfaces will Bridge Educational Gap

Blockchain technology is growing really fast with a lot of innovation happening within the industry. There is a massive influx of products and projects that promise various solutions to regular day to day activities. As with every new technology, numerous ideas with diverse intentions are bound to flood the ecosystem, but the line between sustenance and extinction lies at the point of real use case application. As the industry grows, it is expected to mature into the era of implementation. In order for this to happen, there must be means by which the communication gap between non-crypto users and the ecosystem will be bridged. For instance, the whole concept of Bitcoin transaction is still a mystery to a lot of people who do not understand how a long series of codes can represent key components of value transfer. Same goes to non-tech people who do not understand how data can be stored on a system that is maintained by nodes that are connected across the globe.


Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase Launches SegWit Compatability

Coinbase have announced that the site will now be implementing SegWit on Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. The transition is being implemented over the coming week, and should improve transaction speeds and lower fees. SegWit was introduced August of last year through BIP 141 (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal), however Coinbase was slow to adopt the technology. The lack of implementation of the technology was increasingly frustrating for Coinbase users, who launched a petition calling for the exchange platform to prioritize SegWit implementation over other upgrades. The petition noted that the Bitcoin community is “overwhelmingly in support” of SegWit, and was signed over twelve-thousand times. Segregated Witness or SegWit was a major improvement to the Bitcoin protocol. By redefining the structure of blocks, (with one block changing from 1MB to become four million units) it became possible to greatly reduce the space taken on the blockchain by transaction and witness data. The change allowed more transactions to be stored in each block, making the blockchain more efficient and cheaper to use. Coinbase is not alone in recently adopting the technology. Last week the Bitcoin Core wallet upgraded to allow SegWit Transactions, which was followed by an announcement from Bitfinex that they too were now utilizing SegWit on Bitcoin transactions.


BlockDelhi : Blockchain Conference, New Delhi, India

India is gearing up to implement Blockchain solutions in a number of business sectors including banking, finance, retail, insurance, healthcare and governance. The banking sector has already started implementing and experimenting on Blockchain solutions. India’s corporate leaders have studied this technology and now are ready to embrace Blockchain into their mainstream business. Blockchain technology can provide solutions on payments, recordkeeping, data security, landownership records, e-governance and much more.

However, due diligence on cross border payments & the growth of cryptocurrencies against the fiat currency remains to be a key topic of concern among the government and financial sector. This Blackarrow’s BlockDelhi Blockchain conference aims to address these immediate issues and also showcase the implementation of Blockchain technology in India.

Below is the list of Companies Attended the conference:

01. The Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) will be a first of its kind, future-proof post-quantum value store and decentralized communication layer which tackles the threat Quantum Computing will pose to cryptocurrencies

02. Wanchain connects and exchanges value between different blockchain ledgers in a distributed manner. It uses the latest cryptographic theories to build a non-proprietary cross-chain protocol and a distributed ledger that records both cross-chain and intra-chain transactions​​​

03. The “BlockChain Foundation” has been established under the Section 8, of Companies Act in India as a NOT FOR PROFIT centre for research & development of the BlockChain ecosystem

04. Cointed is an international online exchange for the most crypto and fiat currencies. The company provides Btc-Atm’s, mining and smart payment solutions​

05. Augmate is the leading device management solution for wearable technology and bringing the power of the distributed ledger to the Internet of Things.

06. Jörg Molt – CEO Satoshi School
Founder and expert on Blockchain technology, Bitcoin and crypto currencies. Jörg Molt is a technologist who is one of the founders of Bitcoin. He is a top ranked trainer and speaker on crypto currencies who offers deep level and trusted teachings on this pioneering
technology as it changes the world.

With a knowledge that goes back more than 10 years, he wrote the book: “Die Generation Bitcoin” (The Bitcoin Generation) and is a regular advisor to governments, companies and

individuals around the world.. As an entrepreneur, Jörg has founded several bitcoin businesses and launched the Satoshi School –
which has the simple mission to provide expert education and knowledge on blockchain technology in an accessible and affordable way. Jörg has spoken around the world including the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2016.

07. IOB Fund believes in the emerging blockchain technologies; we also believe that the Interactive Cryptocurrency Offering™ will play an important part in the future of finance

08. UbiatarPlay: THE POWER OF UBIQUITY. A peer to peer marketplace of the Ubiatar Service. Currency to be everywhere.


09. Neurogress: A decentralized platform of neural control systems, based on AI software & user-driven algorithm training​

10. Tokenomy: Global token platform for crowdfunding, loyalty points and reward programs. The token revolution starts right here

11. Talentshop: One of the fastest growing ecommerce platforms in China, and estabilished a leading deceteralized ecommerce solution by applying blockchain techonlogy

12. Iwon Webtech Pvt. Ltd.: Top mobile app and web development company, Professional website design and development service provider. Hire dedicated team of Mobile App, Web and Graphic Designer from India.


Innovative Marketplace : UbiatarPlay

UbiatarPlay, a new hi-tech company, is starting an innovative marketplace where wouldbe Avatars will ofer their physical presence for hire to people wanting to be instantly
anywhere in the world.

Our Chief Editor Ethan William interviewed Stefania Menini, Spokeperson from UbiatarPlay, She stated ” Imagine you giving simple graphical commands that make your Avatar move, explore,
examine and interact with things in another place, just like the movie ‘Avatar’ depicted.

Image: Our Chief Editor Ethan William with Stefania Menini at Blockchain Conference, New Delhi, India

Imagine that you can see and hear everything, like you are physically there. You could be in Paris and at the very same moment be instantly telepresent in San Francisco, with another person as your Avatar in the Bay Area.
The applications that come to mind are endless: teletourism (visit the Colosseum without hours of fying to Rome), business travels (without the costs in time and money of physical moving), remote industrial assistance (let the skills travel, not the bodies), precise
control of even the simplest job (check if your dog is happy and direct your pet sitter like you are the one running in the park with him) and so on.

Stock Brokerage App Robinhood Launches Cryptocurrency Trading in 5 States

Stock brokerage app Robinhood has begun rolling out its new cryptocurrency trading platform to users in 5 states. Beginning
Thursday, users who pre-registered for Robinhood Crypto will begin receiving emails inviting them to participate in an early
access program for the platform, which allows investors to trade cryptocurrencies, stocks, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
side-by-side on a single platform. Despite the limited roll-out, the creation of Robinhood Crypto promises to introduce
millions of new customers to cryptocurrency trading over the long-term. It took less than one week for the new platform to
achieve 1 million pre-registrations, and the firm said that its brokerage platform already has 4 million users, who
collectively have achieved more than $100 billion in transaction volume. At launch, Robinhood Crypto supports Bitcoin and
Ethereum trading, although users — including those who do not yet have access to Robinhood Crypto — can monitor and track
market data for 16 cryptocurrencies, indicating that the company intends to expand it cryptoasset offerings in the future.