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Cryptocurrency Watch : Power Ledger

Power Ledger (POWR)

This class of Platform Application gives retailers the ability to empower consumers (or in an unregulated environment, the consumers themselves) to simply trade electricity with one another and receive payment in real-time from an automated and trustless reconciliation and settlement system. There are many other immediate benefits such as being able to select a clean energy source, trade with neighbors, receive more money for excess power, benefit from transparency of all your trades on a blockchain and very low-cost settlement costs all leading to lower power bills and improved returns for investments in distributed renewables.

Current Price: $0.695906 USD
Type: Token
Market Cap: $253,196,761 USD
Circulating Supply: 363,837,589 POWR
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 POWR

Cryptocurrency Watch : ZenCash

ZenCash (ZEN)

  • Designed for Long-Term Operation
  • 21 million ZenCash cap – no premine, no ICO
  • Thousands of Secure Nodes in operation – 3.5% of mining reward
  • Treasury funds for development, support, marketing – 8.5% of mining reward
  • Strong Team & Representative Governance – Zen Blockchain Foundation
  • Wallets and communication clients for International Users
  • Marketing Globalization – Tailored approach to different markets
  • Secure Nodes provide a resilient, distributed network

Current Price: $43.13 USD
Type: Coin
Market Cap: $136,860,596 USD
Circulating Supply: 3,173,013 ZEN
Total Supply: 21,000,000 ZEN

Cryptocurrency Watch : Hshare

Hshare (HSR)

The Hcash platform is designed to be a side chain for both block-based and blockless-based blockchains. Hcash will be a value and information carrier for major blockchains to enable the exchange of value and information between these systems.

Current Price: $10.88 USD
Type: Coin
Market Cap: $463,633,818 USD
Circulating Supply: 42,598,133 HSR
Max Supply: 84,000,000 HSR

Cryptocurrency Watch : Cryptonex

Cryptonex (CNX)

Cryptonex is a global, decentralized new generation cryptocurrency. It is created on its own blockchain platform. The main goal is to offer the opportunity to exchange any world’s currencies for any cryptocurrencies and tokens, buy goods and services using mobile phones and payment cards instantly, with minimum commission. We consider 210,000,000 coins to be optimal and maximum possible number of coins. 85,000,000 CNX will be emitted for free circulation via pre-sale, the website and exchanges. 15,000,000 CNX will be used for Bounty Program. More. The Cryptonex team owns 5,000,000 CNX. In the amount of about 100,000,000 CNX the cryptocurrency will provide liquidity while acquiring.

Current Price: $6.44 USD
Type: Coin
Market Cap: $290,658,876 USD
Circulating Supply: 45,103,880 CNX
Total Supply: 106,541,506 CNX