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IOTA Cofounder is Optimistic for the Cryptocurrency’s Future

With bitcoin, ethereum and other big name digital currencies regularly making the news for their role in controversies and developments, it is often easy to overlook the rest of the cryptocurrency market, even those rising in prominence like as IOTA. With a market cap of around $5 billion, it is currently the eleventh most valuable cryptocurrency. Unlike others, however, IOTA has its own unique spin on the blockchain tech, called Tangle. It is also able to boast zero transaction fees. In recent times, IOTA’s heritage in the German capital has clearly attracted several indigenous companies with deep pockets. For instance, the Chief Digital Officer of Volkswagen Group, Johann Jungwirth, is one of the board members of the IOTA Foundation. Bosch Group, through its venture capital arm, RBVC, has also invested an undisclosed amount and works closely with the foundation. When interviewed by Bloomberg, IOTA co-founder Dominik Schiener shared his belief that with these new partnerships, IOTA is heading for the “next growth cycle”. There are also rumors circulating in the crypto community surrounding a possible smart contracts-like feature in IOTA. Setting up multiple offices around the world, including ones in Canada, Japan, Norway and South Korea, is perhaps in anticipation of explosive growth following these changes.


Countrywise Cost of Mining One Bitcoin

Here is the list of Mining one Bitcoin, How much does it costs in different countries around the world.

Country Cost in $
Venezuela 531
Trinidad and Tobago 1190
Uzbekistan 1788
Ukraine 1852
Myanmar 1983
Kuwait 1983
Belarus 2177
Bangladesh 2379
Kazakhstan 2835
Ethiopia 2855
Surinam 2956
Serbia 3133
Kosovo 3133
Paraguay 3140
China 3172
Egypt 3172
Saudi Arabia 3172
Iran 3217
India 3274
Georgia 3316
Nepal 3569
United Arab Emirates 3569
Zambia 3569
Taiwan 3774
Albania 3894
Macedonia 3914
Canada 3965
Bosnia and Herzogovina 4084
Peru 4140
Indonesia 4329
Bulgaria 4362
Argentina 4560
Moldova 4651
Russia 4675
Vietnam 4717
Slovakia 4746
Iceland 4746
Sweden 4746
Brunei 4758
United States 4758
Laos 4845
Thailand 4943
Turkey 4984
Malaysia 5147
Fiji 5155
Lithuania 5155
Nigeria 5321
Hungary 5365
Croatia 5551
Estonia 5551
Romania 5698
Gibraltar 5710
Singapore 5936
South Africa 5948
Malta 6079
Israel 6087
Montenegro 6384
Iraq 6543
Brazil 6741
Poland 6931
Finland 7122
Latvia 7122
Pakistan 7137
Phillipines 7137
Colombia 7157
Switzerland 7494
New Zealand 7593
Uganda 7637
Mexico 7645
Slovenia 7645
Luxembourg 7693
Norway 7784
Jamaica 7867
France 7930
Hong Kong 7930
Liechtenstein 8164
Cambodia 8327
United Kingdom 8402
Nicaragua 8613
Cyprus 8723
Japan 8723
Uruguay 8723
Rwanda 8922
Palau 9053
Chile 9120
Greece 9120
Netherlands 9449
Australia 9913
Papa New Guinea 9913
Jordan 9913
Italy 10310
Guyana 10627
American Samoa 10706
Portugal 10825
Spain 11103
Ireland 11103
Tahiti 11103
Sri Lanka 11630
Curacao 11896
Western Samoa 12689
Kiribati 12966
Vanuatu 13085
Belgium 13482
Turks and Caicos Islands 14033
Denmark 14275
Germany 14275
Tuvalu 14493
Tonga 14671
Marshall Islands 14751
Cook Islands 15861
Solomon Islands 16209
Bahrain 16773
Niue 17566
South Korea 26170


SEC Sternly Warns Cryptocurrency Exchanges Listing ICOs

The top US securities regulator has signaled its intent to crack down on cryptocurrency exchanges for alleged violations of federal laws governing securities trading. In a statement dated March 7, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) wrote that cryptocurrency exchanges that list ICO tokens the agency deems to be securities are operating “potentially unlawful” trading platforms. While most token issuers have sought to skirt securities regulations by categorizing their tokens as “utility tokens,” SEC Chairman Jay Clayton has repeatedly said that the majority of ICOs he has observed constitute securities offerings. As the SEC’s statement indicates, the “security” classification implicates not just companies that distribute their tokens through ICOs but also exchanges that list them on their trading platforms.


St. Petersburg Court Overturns Ruling to Block Bitcoin-Related Websites

The St. Petersburg City Court on Tuesday canceled a decision of the court of first instance to block Internet sites that post information about bitcoin, the joint press service of the city courts reported, according to Russia Today. The regulation of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies continues to draw conflicting actions among Russian government officials. In May, the Oktyabrsky District Court of St. Petersburg decided to block websites that post information about bitcoin. The St. Petersburg prosecutor’s office appealed the decision in order to supervise the execution of laws on “especially regime objects” and acting on behalf of the Russian Federation and an indefinite group of individuals. The regional department of Roskomnadzor was the interested person.


Bitcoin Investment Trust Creator Launches Four New Crypto Funds

Grayscale Investments, the company behind the Bitcoin Investment Trust (OTC: GBTC), announced Tuesday that it had opened four new investment products that provide investors with exposure to cryptocurrencies in a more familiar wrapper. Like Grayscale’s other products, these new trusts will be offered in a private placement to accredited investors who purchase a minimum of $10,000 worth of shares and submit to a one-year vesting period. Eventually, the trust sponsor will likely seek to list these shares on publicly-quoted over-the-counter (OTC) platforms, as it already has with the Bitcoin Investment Trust. Once shares are publicly-quoted, they have more liquidity and can also be purchased through retail brokerage accounts — though often at a steep premium over the value of the underlying assets. Though anathema to many financial analysts due to its heavy premium on the secondary market, the Bitcoin Investment Trust has proven to be extremely popular among both buyers who are nervous to hold cryptoassets directly and investors who desire to gain exposure to Bitcoin through tax-advantaged retirement accounts.