Crypto Wallet Maker Ledger Partners with Neufund to Create Security Token Platform

European crypto startups Neufund and Ledger have announced that they will work together to bring ERC20 tokens issued through Neufund to Ledger’s cryptocurrency hardware wallets and applications.

Neufund, based in Berlin, and Paris-headquartered hardware wallet-maker Ledger already had a partnership dating back to 2017 when Ledger created a bespoke edition of the Nano S wallet with extra security for the German market. This was then provided to “high-profile” investors joining “Neufund’s Initial Community Building Mechanism.”

In the latest partnership, security token and issuance platform Neufund and Ledger will “enable users to manage real-world assets on the blockchain while creating the safest user-experience for investors.” It aims to do so by adding ERC20 integration to Ledger’s new desktop application, “Ledger Live,” allowing users to manage any tokens issued using Neufund’s protocols and platform.


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