Crypto Trading, Please Hold My Hand

In today’s cryptocurrency market, four main obstacles are preventing potential retail investors from jumping on the bandwagon to generate an extra stream of income using digital assets. Namely, they are lack of experience and confidence, lack of easily accessible, unified trading interface, lack of trust, and centralization of trading.

The cryptocurrency industry is still in its very early stages of development and, even though there are plenty of professional traders on the market, it is noticeably lacking in retail investors, who would bring more liquidity with them. But the problem is that even though retail investors would love to make a little extra money on rate swings, they lack the knowledge of how to make use of available tools and access the most effective strategies. So, as much as they may want to trade in crypto, most potential small-time investors confess that they are uncertain how to enter the market. Research shows that the public is quite eager to join the crypto trading world. But most people just aren’t willing to put in the time and effort to learn the industry.

Crypto exchanges, currently some of the main players in the market, cannot realistically be expected to address this problem on their end: their focus is on safeguarding users’ funds from potential threats. Even though they would love to see the number of their users grow, they are likely not ready to start educating the public to ensure that users know how to take advantage of the available tools, even on just one single exchange.


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