Crypto Investors Have Little to Grin About with This Coin trading Near All-Time Low

Privacy coin Grin is taking it on the chin lately, along with many other altcoins in the cryptocurrency market. Grin investors have more to frown about these days, with the coin currently trading at $2.22, near an all-time low since the coin was launched in January 2019, based on CoinMarketCap data. But fundamentals appear to be strengthening, with the Grin Network hashrate not too far from its peak. Unfortunately for Grin investors, however, the price
of the crypto hasn’t been rising alongside with the strengthening hashrate.

Grin is an implementation of the Mimblewimble protocol, which is designed to bolster privacy and scalability for cryptocurrencies. It’s not the only coin using Mimblewimble. Beam, which often jockeys for position with Grin in the CoinMarketCap rankings, is based on the same protocol. According to Messari, the Beam Foundation, which is behind the Beam protocol, recently donated 10,000 BEAM, which is worth approximately $10,000, to the Grin++
security audit. Beam CEO Alexander Zaidelson told Messari.


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