Core Principles & Values of Kaafila

Focus in on Useful Content — better to have not many helpful recordings than large number of
recordings that don’t help watchers in their day to day existence or profession.
● Give free what you got free — the vast majority of our courses will be free, including tests
also affirmation. There will likewise be paid temporary positions for top entertainers.
● Prize for Knowledge, Time, and Effort — Content Providers and Content
Clients (together called Users) merit recognition and compensations for their time and exertion.
● Exertion is identical to Mining — the work by Users and Team Members will
discharge Kaafila tokens from their frozen state, and get assigned to Users and
Colleagues, some of which might open up to Investors through deal.
● Straightforwardness — in all exchanges with Users, Team Members, and
Financial backers/Token Holders, to construct and keep up with trust in the task.
We need to make essential/establishment training free with our free courses with free
authentications (not at all like the circumstance today where a few courses are free yet declarations are
not given without huge installment).
We need to give essentially helpful schooling to students/understudies around the world, so that
they can construct their pay independent of their present monetary foundation or
current training level.
What’s more we need to help and rouse gifted youth and top-entertainers by giving
Grants, Awards and Internships, utilizing KFL tokens.
Development is basic to remain on top of quickly evolving innovations, and the different
continuous Research Projects will give a base to advancement and dispatching new
items and administrations that will keep the Kaafila project helpful and pertinent for clients
indeed, even following 10-20 years, on the grounds that the venture is set up for more than 20 years time span.

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