Coinbase Has Still Not Issued Bitcoin SV to Customers

Coinbase has yet to give Bitcoin Cash holders their Bitcoin SV from the Bitcoin Cash hard fork that happened November 15th 2018.

The fork away from Bitcoin Cash by Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre’s preferred chain, called Bitcoin SV or “Satoshi’s Vision,” happened November 15th. The hash war was widely reported in CCN and elsewhere. The result was two forks of Bitcoin Cash. Just like the original Bitcoin Cash hard fork, this meant users who had money on the Bitcoin Cash chain would now by right have money on the Bitcoin SV chain.

Poloniex led the way and allowed both pre-fork trading and a convenient way for users to be sure their coins would “split” properly. All one had to do was make a deposit to their Bitcoin Cash wallet prior to the fork. Poloniex would take care of the rest. Many used this as an opportunity to initially “dump” their Bitcoin SV, even before it was officially live on its own blockchain.


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