Classic Trojan Gets Monero Mining Twist for New Hack Attacks

As if to prove the old Broadway addage that ‘everything old is new again’, a classic Trojan program from the noughties has recently re-emerged with an all-new crypto add-on.

A report published this week by OpSec group, Jask, offered up details of a late 2018 attack on an educational establishment. That attack, prefaced by brute force attacks on Linux machines that were part of its network, was based around the installation of a remixed version of the classic ‘Shellbot’ code – first seen as far back as 2005.

At that point, Shellbot was the latest of a newer breed of criminally motivated malware that was designed solely for monetary gain. Designed to be as inconspicuous as possible, its so-called ‘Backdoor’ attack vector offered its installer access to the infected computer, and the ability to install whatever software they chose, and thus turn it to whatever purpose they saw fit. In recent years, these types of attack have increasingly resulted in the mining of cryptocurrencies.


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