Chill, Everyone. Google’s ‘Quantum Supremacy’ Has “Bupkis” on Bitcoin

It’s safe to come out now, says Andreas Antonopoulos, the threat posed to bitcoin by Google’s newfound “quantum supremacy” is “zip, bupkis nada.”

In one of his typical Q&A sessions, blockchain expert and author, Antonopoulos shared his thoughts on the supposed jeopardy BTC faces from Google. Spoiler alert: he isn’t concerned. According to Antonopoulos, Google’s quantum prowess focuses on a range of issues, and deciphering cryptography is not among them.

In the latter half of September, Google freaked just about everyone out with the news that they had reached quantum supremacy. These words alone were enough to send shivers down the spine of crypto aficionados worldwide. Quantum computing is one of the only real menaces to the cryptocurrency industry – other than the SEC, of course.


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