Cameron Winklevoss says We Know We Aren’t Going to Please Everyone

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss did an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit following a full-page advertisement in the New York Times.

The twins answered some of the questions asked, including this one, which CCN also recently reported on. Some voices in crypto took umbrage with your recent advertising campaign in NY. The slogan read “Gemini: The REGULATED Cryptocurrency Exchange”. Could you explain the reasoning behind it? Does Gemini stand alone in this respect?

We know we aren’t going to please everyone but the healthiest and most vibrant economies have thoughtful rules to promote positive outcomes. You can’t point to a lawless economy that is thriving. To be clear, there are exchanges and custodians that subscribe to our principles and it’s encouraging to see that we are not alone in this regard — but for us this is a core focus and something we have worked hard to be thought-leaders in.


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