Bulls and Bears on Nvidia as the Chipmaker Moves into Robotics

Nvidia has officially opened a 13,000 ft. robotics research lab in Seattle. The lab will have 20 Nvidia roboticists as well as 30 academic experts.

The lab is working on a dozen robotics projects including “cobots” that will work alongside humans. Heading up robotics for Nvidia is Dieter Fox, a researcher, and professor in robotics. He says: “We want to develop robots that can naturally perform tasks alongside people.”

The lab has a specially designed IKEA kitchen to test its “kitchen manipulator” robot that utilizes AI and deep learning to perform tasks. “By pulling together recent advances in perception, control, learning, and simulation, we can help the research community solve some of the greatest challenges in robotics.”

And of course, sooner or later this will translate into Nvidia products. Robotics and AI is a longer game than Nvidia’s last jump into cryptocurrency. This foray was achieved by focusing its existing chip-making capabilities to mining. Nvidia stepped back out of its cryptocurrency focus in 2018

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/bulls-and-bears-on-nvidia-as-the-chip-maker-moves-into-robotics/

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