Blockchain App ‘Smashboard’ Offers Help for India’s Sexual Abuse Victims

The Me Too movement in India gained steam last year when popular figures decided to come out with their stories of sexual abuse by those in positions with power. The movement spurred a series of anonymous testimonies from victims of sexual abuse in India who were originally silenced.

But then, it is not easy being a victim of sexual abuse and coming out with your story. The victims have to recount the trauma they underwent. And even then, there’s the possibility that the victims might face hostilities from their families or their stories might be treated as lies. To tackle the negatives arising out of such scenarios, sexual abuse victims in India can now take the help of the blockchain-enabled Smashboard app.

According to the Smashboard website, it is an “alternative social media network with special features for people of all genders fighting patriarchy.” The app aims to make the life of the sexual abuse victim easier by reducing the trauma associated with reporting the crime.


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