Bitmain’s Chip Supplier Saw a ‘Big Drop’ in Crypto Mining Sales Last Year

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, who provides chips to Bitcoin mining giant Bitmain, says that 2018 saw a downturn in demand for crypto mining chips. In a recent conference call with investors, TSMC CEO C. C. Wei said that cryptocurrency had previously accounted for “a lot” of the company’s orders, but that it had gone down since the boom year of 2017.

Presumably referring to Bitmain, TSMC Chairman Mark Liu said: We don’t want to specify too much of the segment, particularly it belongs to one of the big customers. The firm still posted a profit for the year. They believe that demand for new high-end smartphone chips will offset a decline in demand for ASIC chips. A securities analyst asked the company which sector had seen the “biggest decline,” to which Wei replied: High-end smartphone is one thing, and then others seeing the drop, actually you can imagine that cryptocurrencies mining, they dropped quite a lot. And then related to that might be some of the high-performance computing that you can see from other applications that related to the cryptocurrency mining.


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