Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin And Dogecoin Bulls Aim Higher Despite Sharp Dip

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Analysis
Recently, there was a strong upward move in bitcoin cash price above the $200 resistance level against the US Dollar. BCH outperformed every other coin in the top 10 and it almost doubled its price. Buyers even pushed the price above the $300 level and the price tested the $340 level.

Later, there was a sharp downside correction and the price traded below the $320 and $300 support. However, the price remains well supported on the downside near the $290 and $280 levels.

Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin and EOS Price Analysis
Litecoin also performed really well after it broke the $70 resistance level. It climbed more than 30% and broke the $80 and $90 resistance levels. LTC even traded close to the $100 resistance level and recently corrected lower. It moved below the $90 level, but the $80 and $82 levels are acting as strong supports. As long as the price is above $80, it is likely to bounce back above $90 and $95.

Dogecoin started a strong upward move after forming a support base above the $0.0020 level. DOGE price climbed above the $0.0025 and $0.0030 resistance levels. The recent rally was strong as the price even traded towards the $0.0035 level. A high was formed near $0.00376 level and the price is currently correcting lower. The main supports are near $0.0035 and $0.0032.


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