Binance, in One-Two Punch to Rival Exchanges, Readies Margin Trading

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has given followers a peek into its margin trading screen, and its native cryptocurrency BNB surged as much as 10% in response. Speculation about Binance’s expansion into margin trading has been swirling for a while.

True to the company’s style, they took to Twitter to reveal a screenshot of the upcoming margin trading user interface, posing the question to followers: “Dark mode or Light mode?” According to a report in TechCrunch, the new feature will be rolled out “soon.” With the screenshot comes a warning that while margin trading can deliver “higher profits,” there are also “greater risks.”

That’s the beauty of being a private blockchain company. You can tease major announcements like this without any regulatory backlash because BNB is a utility token and not a security.


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