Billionaires Are ‘Scouring the Market’ to Own 25% of Bitcoin in Circulation

The appetite among billionaires for bitcoin is huge as ever, according to Eleesa Dadian, an art dealer and head of a secretive network for billionaire investors called the Dadiani Syndicate, in Forbes. The company has reportedly been instructed to purchase a jaw-dropping 25% of all available bitcoin in the market. Too bad that isn’t likely to happen.

The crypto community loves to talk about these colossal bag holders, as a great deal of the most significant trading is done in the shadows. The Dadiani Syndicate is apparently where a lot of this goes down. The peer-to-peer exchange was allegedly instructed to “to scour the markets and gain access to as close to 25% as possible.” Interestingly, Eleesa Dadiani is a member of the Georgian nobility.


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