Badger DAO to acquire ‘’ domain for $300,000

The Badger DAO community is ‘sett’ to migrate to some new ‘diggs’: the decentralized finance project will shortly become the new owner of the “” web domain.

In a Badger Improvement Proposal listed on governance forums today, BIP-43, BadgerDAO founder Chris Spadafora wrote that the new domain will “quickly increase the value [of the app] across all these categories (daily traffic, referring websites, search engine optimization etc.)”

“As Badger expands to become the most trusted place for anyone to put their Bitcoin to work, it’s important that the first experience for non native crypto users is comfortable and that we help them quickly overcome the common stigma that surrounds the cryptocurrency industry today,” Spadafora told Cointelegraph of the buy.

The story of how the project came into possession of the domain — and why the community needs to vote — is somewhat convoluted.

“Essentially Arben Kane purchased it for $300k with the intention of transferring ownership to the DAO. He went direct to the seller since he knew him personally while I was working with brokers quoting me $500k so the middle men get their cut,” said Spadafora. “Now I’m putting a proposal together to have the community sign off on using treasury funds to buy it from Arben at the cost he paid.”

Despite having a treasury worth well over a half billion in various assets, the DAO cannot purchase the domain outright due to not being a legal entity, ultimately leading to the purchase-vote-transfer process.


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