B3i Shifts From Blockchain Consortium to Full-Fledged Company

A blockchain consortium backed by a group of global insurance firms has created an independent company with the aim of commercializing some of the solutions it has developed.

B3i is backed by notable firms including giants AIG and AIA as well as founding members like Allianz, Aegon and Swiss Re, among others. The group first debuted in 2016, aiming to develop applications of the tech for the insurance and reinsurance industries, and the transition to a fully-fledged company marks the next step in their work. In statements, the group positioned the company’s formation in Switzerland – long known as a hub for blockchain companies – as a way to advance the work with additional resources.

Reference: https://www.coindesk.com/blockchain-insurance-consortium-b3i-pivots-full-fledged-startup/

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