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The blockchain revolution has taken an interesting turn.

While governments around the world have been cracking down on cryptocurrency, some of the smartest brains in the industry have been quietly taking blockchain tech into other sectors of the economy – and combining it with other emerging technologies in a way that, barely more than a few months ago, would have seemed unthinkable.

We’re talking trillions of dollars of wealth – to be won or lost. Because disruption on this scale is a double-edged sword.

If you’re on the right side of it, you can get rich from the chaos. That’s how the Rothschilds, the Waltons, the Kochs, the Bettencourts, even the House of Saud made their fortunes. When disruption happened – as it does every few generations – they placed their bets on the right side of history.

Those who were in denial – the “conservatives” who listened to the consensus of the experts of their day – they clung onto the past and, as a result, their wealth was transferred to the new guard.

As blockchain technology enters the mainstream, the biggest threats and opportunities will be where it meets and converges with other emerging technologies.

Wisconsin Mulls Allowing Bitcoin Donations for Political Campaigns

Ethics officials in the U.S. state of Wisconsin are divided on whether to allow political campaigns to accept campaign donations in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. If Wisconsin approves the move, it will join Montana, Washington, D.C., and the U.S. federal government in allowing cryptocurrency campaign contributions. Continue reading Wisconsin Mulls Allowing Bitcoin Donations for Political Campaigns

Andreessen Horowitz Plots a Dedicated Cryptocurrency Investment Fund

Andreessen Horowitz, founded in 2009 by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, one of the leading venture capital firms active in the cryptocurrency space, plans to launch a separate fund for exchanging crypto assets. The new fund could signal what some see as the next wave of innovation: direct investor involvement in cryptocurrencies, according to Recode. Continue reading Andreessen Horowitz Plots a Dedicated Cryptocurrency Investment Fund