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What is the vision of Kaafila ($KFL)?

Kaafila ($KFL) is a decentralized Media and Learning platform built on blockchain.

Kaafila aims to provide useful content and resources, to help our Users progress in their career and life.

  • Our vision is to use our technology platform for delivering high quality education at very low cost to youth worldwide.
  • We want to encourage individual content providers (across industries/niches) with best possible rewards for their content.
  • Our videos and NFT marketplace will reward content creators.
  • Users and Team Members will be receive Kaafila ($KFL) tokens for their efforts.

Kaafila will have a decentralized video sharing platform, which means: transparency, efficiency, and support for independent content providers.  We aim to create a self-governed video-sharing platform using blockchain technology and IPFS technology.

To learn more, please visit the Kaafila project website:

Hollywood NFT Marvels

Check out this Hollywood Collectible Cards NFT’s for sale on Mintable!

Only 50 Cards are minted, Once and for all.

5/50 : Pick up ‘Denzel Washington’ before its swooped up!

4/50 : Pick up ‘Kevin Spacey’ before its swooped up!

10/50 : Pick up ‘Tom Cruise’ before its swooped up!

9/50 : Pick up ‘Leonardo DiCaprio’ before its swooped up!

3/50 : Pick up ‘Robert De Niro’ before its swooped up!

6/50 : Pick up ‘Russell Crowe’ before its swooped up!

7/50 : Pick up ‘Brad Pitt’ before its swooped up!

13/50 : Pick up ‘Sylvester Stallone’ before its swooped up!

23/50 : Pick up ‘Charlize Theron’ before its swooped up!

12/50 : Pick up ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger’ before its swooped up!

15/50 : Pick up ‘Christian Bale’ before its swooped up!

19/50 : Pick up ‘Hugh Jackman’ before its swooped up!

Top10 Cryptocurrency Market Data -10Dec2019

Bitcoin (BTC) is at $7350, trying to stabilize above $6500 for the next upmove attempt to $10,000 level in Q1, 2020.

The volumes against most cryptocurrencies look unreal. Unless trading robots are trading between themselves in the crypto exchanges, the above ratios of Market cap to 24H volume is not possible. Bitcoin alone looks stable and real in the market data.

Tether’s numbers need to be analyzed separately.