Are Decred and Cardano the Strongest Hedges of the Crypto Market currently?

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, passionate about its ways and workings towards benefitting the society, often have at least some Bitcoin or Ethereum in their portfolio, if not both.

However, it is not common knowledge that Bitcoin and Ethereum each have younger cousins in the crypto market and these are coins that were conceived and developed by some of the same people who previously worked on the originals in their initial years, and recognized faults and weaknesses that could be improved upon with new coins.

The latest episode of the popular cryptocurrency podcast- Contrarian Island, has Daniel Frumpkin and podcast host Matt, discussing their thoughts on cryptocurrency investment strategies during the bear market in detail.

The discussion includes reasons on why Bitcoin still by far possesses the most convincing case to make exponential gains in the future years, exploring the addressable market for Bitcoin and how it fits in with competitors like gold, government bonds, and collectibles.

Frumpkin, a remote traveling worker (aka “digital nomad”) shares his distinct view of Bitcoin based on his experiences. He details his perspective of the convenience of living and working in abroad if Bitcoin were a widely accepted medium of exchange. His belief that optimizing for the store of value use case is more important from a short to medium-term investment standpoint is also an interesting subject matter.


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