Aeron releases app upgrade that enables pilots to create and submit flight plans

Aeron is a startup firm dedicated to improving aviation safety through a blockchain-based solution. The company has developed the Aeron Pilot app, which records flight history on the Ethereum blockchain.

Safety in the skies has always been a paramount concern for airlines, and for the agencies and Government bodies tasked with ensuring that aircraft, passengers, and crews fly safely every day. Still, aircraft are nothing but machines that rely on maintenance personnel and pilots to make them safe. And humans will always remain inherently unpredictable, and prone to mistakes. Human-related factors remain as one of the chief causes of aviation accidents.

Long hours, unfamiliar airports, or simply the falsification of credentials can lead to fatal consequences for hundreds of people. Conversely, tampered records or the underreporting of flight hours to save on maintenance costs may also lead to disaster.

Aeron took notice of the immutability of blockchain, and back in March of this year, the company released the first iteration of the Aeron Pilot app, which enables pilots to ditch the traditional pen and paper method of recording flight hours. Aeron’s intention was the creation of an ‘airline in a pocket’, via a smart and convenient blockchain-based app that could be accessed anywhere through a smart device. The app offers more than convenience, however. It also offers compliance, transparency, and trust.

Improved app

Now, Aeron has upgraded the software to include a new feature. The latest app release allows pilots to create and submit entire flight plans. This is particularly useful for pilots of small aircraft, and also student pilots, as it is a much more efficient and modern method of dealing with flight plans. Once entered, the integrity of the data is guaranteed by the blockchain’s immutability trait.

According to the company, the inclusion of this new feature was a direct result of interaction with the community. A lot of people wanted to be able to create and submit flight plans online, with the added convenience of doing it from their own smartphones.

Aeron has hinted at the release of new iterations of the app in the future, to include additional features.

Written by : Fernando Sanchez

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