About Kaafila

Kaafila is a media and training stage, fabricated utilizing blockchain innovation. At the center is another video sharing stage, which will empower Kaafila to give helpful substance also, learning assets, including a wide scope of free courses with tests and confirmations, to Users of various adapting needs, foundations, and age gatherings. The attention is on offering different learning assets either free or for exceptionally minimal price, so that individuals across the world can benefit regardless of their present pay level. The concentration is likewise on making a huge organization of individuals overall who are continually figuring out how to progress in their vocation and life.

Kaafila’s proverb is: Knowledge for Lifetime. Throughout the following 10-20 years, Kaafila plans to assist a large number of Users with free courses and testaments, grants, grants, temporary jobs, occupations and occupation references. Kaafila will likewise plan to help a wide scope of Independent Content Creators, in the spaces of music, films, expressions, creates, sports, news, and will plan to advance their substance, what’s more, set out development open doors for them through our foundation.

Putting away and sharing information is a foundation of business in the associated world, and it helps advancement in all associations. Utilizing IPFS and the Algorand Blockchain, organizations and associated machines can trust the security and protection of the information. Kaafila will be a decentralized stage for all types of media including Video, Audio, Pictures and PDFs. Through blockchain innovation, content suppliers will approach a stage that is reasonable and straightforward, alongside an overall reach.

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