5 Best ETC Wallets that will keep your crypto coins secure in 2019

Storing Ethereum Classic? You need the best ETC wallets out there to ensure your ETC is safe and secure.

For starters, do not private keys on even the best cryptocurrency exchange 2019 has seen because they may be vulnerable to attacks that can leave you potentially vulnerable and may even end up costing you everything you have.

Here is our pick of the best ETC wallets that will keep your holdings secure:

Ledger Nano S: This should come as no surprise to anyone. Ledger Nano S is the best ETC wallet that anyone can have. Since it is a secure hardware wallet, cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic and Litecoins can easily be stored on the Ledger Nano S. You can virtually connect it to any device through the USB connection. It also has companion apps that help you. For instance, if you want to check the ETC/BTC price chart, Ledger Nano S’s companion apps will let you do that essentially simplifying the whole process. Security and the 2-factor authentication are what ensure its spot at the very top. You can also recover information through the wallet. The built-in OLED screen allows you to view transaction details with a double tap.

Classic Ether Wallet: This open source wallet is able to interact with the blockchain efficiently. While other web wallets usually hold your private keys, Classic Ether Wallet does no such thing. Your keys are stored offline and none of your data is stored on their servers. This is what makes this wallet such a great option to keep your Ethereum Classic holdings secure.

Trezor: Trezor has extended support to Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash and several other Litecoins and Altcoins. Storing the Ether in Trezor wallet is one thing but controlling it will require a web wallet that is integrated with Trezor as Trezor is a hardware wallet. So, if you are interested in smart wallets, look for a web wallet like MyEtherWallet. Apart from being extremely secure, Trezor also offers extremely advanced features like cryptography, a 2-factor authentication (which is crucial for security) and allows you to give confirmation before the transaction is finally done.

Jaxx: Jaxx believes in being extremely user friendly and increasing the number of people in the crypto space. A multi-chain wallet, Jaxx offers support for 7 cryptocurrencies including Ethereum Classic. If you are an iPhone user, Jaxx is your best bet. This desktop and mobile wallet gives users complete freedom to either access it from the desktop or on the go from their mobile. It is also available on Android and as a Chrome Extension. Security in Jaxx is optimum so you will not have any worries once you start using Jaxx to store your Ethereum Classic holdings.

Guarda: Another multi cryptocurrency wallet, Guarda supports all the popular crypto coins and tokens including DASH, Ethereum Classic and Ripple. For Android users, Guarda is a heaven send. Not only is it extremely reliable, but it is also compatible with Android phones completely. Just like the Classic Ether Wallet, Guarda does not store any information on the wallet giving you complete control over your data. Once you log out, your private key is deleted from the device. This is essential as having your wallet hacked will not leave you bereft of all your Ethereum Classic holdings. It is also easy to convert from one coin to the other without giving any information away and no limits.

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